5 & 5 Friday: Sarah!

When I arrived in Lille, I fully planned to live alone. I wanted to find a reasonably priced studio apartment in a nice part of the city. However, when the opportunity presented itself about a week later to have a roommate, my mindset had changed. I knew I wanted someone to talk to at the end of a long day, to explore with, and it wouldn't hurt to pay less rent as well.

I ended up asking another American assistant, Sarah, to be my roommate.This week's 5 & 5 is about her. When I said I wanted someone to talk to and explore with, I actually should've said "someone to commiserate not having electricity and hot water with" but we're making the most of it...or trying to.

This was a fun post to write, because I'm still learning a lot of these things myself. Enjoy!

 Her daily baguette from the boulangerie on our block, Le Petit Fournil.

Her daily baguette from the boulangerie on our block, Le Petit Fournil.

Sarah: five fun facts

1) She's a bit of a foodie. Where many travelers are excited to make friends and explore, she is more concerned with how types of cheese she can try. (I think we'll get along.)

2) She is fascinated with the Duggar family from 19 Kids and Counting.

3) She is a former gymnast. Plans are in place for a handstand contest down the courée.

4) She took Arabic in college (instead of French), so she hasn't taken any French since her freshman year at U of F. And then she moved to France. So impressive.

5) We are both from the Washington, D.C. ish area. She grew up in the Pax River Naval Air Base near Waldorf, MD.

Sarah: 5 things that make you say "wtf France"

1) "What do homeless people do? Please tell me." Translation: it's very difficult to sign up for anything without an "attestation de logement," or proof of residence. It has to be handwritten and you need one for the gym, getting a bus pass, getting a train pass, getting a bank account...etc.

2) "I literally have stacks and stacks of paperwork. How many trees have I killed?" French bureaucracy is getting to her.

3) "Why is no one at work? Why is 2 pm an acceptable time of day to get drunk?"

4) Everything is through the mail and the turnaround to get paperwork is about a month. Nothing is online!!

5) Nothing is open on Sunday. Chick fil a did not prepare us for this! Every Sunday feels like we are going back to the 80s.

Edit: 6) Eggs are very expensive (Erinn doesn't not agree with this, but at her Aldi they are 69 cents for a dozen.)

Annoying edit: 7) Why does everyone use squeegies in the shower.