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Weddings: $2000

Very much inspired by my year living in France, these are the days that my goofy, type A, artistic personality blends together better than ever: taking care of you on this most special of days. Finding quiet moments for you and your love to slip away and cry-giggle over the fact that it's finally forever, making sure you drink water and actually get to enjoy your signature cocktail, turning guests into friends and friends into dance-party partners, and of course using my heart and my camera to perfectly echo the joy + emotion of the day in photographs that you will cherish forever. The most beautiful moments aren’t captured hiding in the back of the room, and when you choose me to live this day with you, that’s not where you’ll find me. They are with you, surrounded by friends and family, front and center. That’s where I’ll be, and I guarantee that I’ll experience every awesome moment with you - with teary eyes and camera in hand. 

THE FOLLOW SERIES: Begins at $250

The follow series offers an alternative to families, couples, and friends who feel put off by a formal portrait session. You plan an activity you want to do, and I follow you around while you do it-- capturing smiles, ice cream drips, and realness along the way.  I stay mostly in the background to document all of the fun and giggles, but also to gently guide you in order to get the same cohesive blend of candid + posed shots that a formal session provides. Some ideas for the follow sessions are a picnic, a hike, cooking, camping, getting ice cream, a beach day, apple picking, or spending the day at an amusement park. 

Portraits: $250

Perfect for families, couples, siblings, or group of friends that wants a photo experience tailored to their unique relationship. A cohesive blend of posed + candid shots. 

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