Photo by Leanna Coates.

Photo by Leanna Coates.

What I'm About.

In a few lines: using abbrevs way too much and making up my own words, chicken tenders, France, my puppers Rico, Royal, and Kasey, creating and running a business, the Adirondack mountains, and being active everyday. 

Most days, you can find me balancing teaching French with entrepreneurship, as I work to blend my love for both into a fulfilling career. I clock a lot of hours at the dog park, my Crossfit gym, and in the kitchen cooking up fun little numbers 'with just my toaster,' as I have endearingly started to say in France.

I asked for a Polaroid camera when I was about to turn 10, and then my parents gifted one to me for my birthday. I spent years taking painstakingly careful photos of what I thought was cool at the time--my sisters, our dog Shadow, our guinea pigs (really), and us posing with dogs we had befriended at the beach. The photos are terribly composed, but every time I stumble across one of them, it's a physical memory of a really happy time. And I thank myself for not caring about the art of it back then, but about the people. And the pups.

It's still about the people, and it's still about the pups. It's also about the art. The art is my vehicle of connecting with people; the people themselves are the ones that drive me.

I hope you find yourself on the other side of my digital, Polaroid, and film cameras as I follow advice at 24 that I taught myself at 10: take pictures of who and what you care about. 

I live in Lille, France. I'll be back in the U.S. in May, 2018.